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Kusk on the Road - Our September ‘22 Schedule

Sep 6, 2022
2 min
Abdallah Abedraba
Product Leader

The Kusk team is hitting the road to meet users and industry friends face-to-face across the US in September. Read more to see how we can meet!

Kusk on the Road - Our September ‘22 Schedule
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Get started today

The Kusk team is hitting the road to meet users and industry friends face-to-face across the US in September. 

We ([Ole Lensmar](https://twitter.com/olensmar), CTO of Kubeshop, [Abdallah Abedraba](https://twitter.com/olensmar) Developer Advocate and [Christopher Jones](https://twitter.com/crjones), PM for Kusk) would like to say hi to you if you’re around the conferences from the list below, or just in the area of Michigan and San Francisco; to talk about APIs, and everything Kubernetes!

## What are we doing in these conferences

We will be discussing mainly about APIs, how to develop them in Kubernetes and great API development workflows!

We will give presentations on scaling API teams and GitOps-ing APIs in Kubernetes.

## Conferences we are attending

**[Deserted Island DevOps Conf](https://desertedisland.club/) - Sept 14-15**
Mackinac Island

[Can You GitOps Your API?](https://desertedisland.club/agenda) - Sept 14 | 11am ET | Abdallah Abedraba

Description of the presentation:

*”One of the major trends in contemporary cloud-native application development is the adoption of GitOps; managing the state of your Kubernetes cluster(s) in Git - with all the bells and whistles provided by modern Git platforms like GitHub and GitLab in the regards to workflows, auditing, security, tooling, etc.*

*Let’s dive into how your teams can leverage it for a faster and safer road to production!”*

**[API Specification Conference](https://events.linuxfoundation.org/openapi-asc/) - Sept 19-21**
San Francisco

Key Note - Retrospective Panel](https://asc2022api.sched.com/event/15pWO) - Wed Sept 21

Presentation -  Boosting your Kubernetes API development workflows with OpenAPI | Sept 19 | Virtual Session

Description of the presentation:

*”Achieving a productive workflow for API development under Kubernetes is a challenge, especially for developers who are new to Kubernetes and related constructs like manifests, Ingress controllers, GitOps, etc. Adopting an OpenAPI-centric approach to API development can bring many benefits in this regard; the metadata contained in OpenAPI can be used to automate many of the tasks related to building and deploying APIs to Kubernetes - both in manual and CI/CD workflows - helping your team to keep up the pace while transitioning to Kubernetes.*

*This talk will show you how to leverage OpenAPI to accelerate your API development workflow for Kubernetes. Both design-first and code-first approaches are covered, with both manual and automated CI/CD/GitOps processes.”*

**[API Days Australia](https://www.apidays.global/australia/) - Sept 14-15**

Scale Your API teams with a Design-First Approach | Sept 14

Description of the presentation:

*“Kubernetes scales APIs from a workload perspective, but teams have a long way to go to find a good workflow that includes simplifying development, prototyping, iteration, stakeholder collaboration, and much more.*

*In this talk, we will explore how Kusk Gateway helps bridge the gap of a productive API workflow in Kubernetes with APIOps and OpenAPI at its core.”*

## Come talk to us

We having a booth at API Specification Conference, where will be more than happy to talk to you about:

- Adopting API-first approach in your development teams
- Achieving a productive API workflow in Kubernetes
- Creating a robust API experience starting from the gateway all the way back to the microservices

Can’t wait to meet you there!

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