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Kusk-gateway 1.4: OpenAPI code-first support

Nov 30, 2022
3 min
Abdallah Abedraba
Product Leader

We're proud to announce the v1.4 release of Kusk Gateway, which adds support for code-first OpenAPI generation, install Kusk CLI using `apt` and `choco` and scalable authorization with Cloudentity.

Kusk-gateway 1.4: OpenAPI code-first support
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Table of Contents

Get started today

This 1.4.0 release adds support for code-first OpenAPI generation, support to install Kusk CLI using `apt` and `choco` and scalable authorization with Cloudentity.

## Code-first support with OpenAPI Overlays

Until now, Kusk Gateway fitted really well with design-first approaches when working with OpenAPI, meaning teams would create the OpenAPI definition before starting to write code. This is helpful when your team uses code generation tools, Kusk mocking feature, and more.

Kusk now supports code-first approaches, i.e. OpenAPI generated from code annotations, by use of OpenAPI Overlays.

[OpenAPI Overlays](https://github.com/OAI/Overlay-Specification) is a new specification that allows you to have an OpenAPI file without any Kusk extensions, and an overlay file containing the extenions you would want to add to your OpenAPI definition. After merging the overlay with the OpenAPI file, the resulting file is an OpenAPI definition with all the metadata added to it, ready to be deployed by Kusk.

This way, teams can generate their OpenAPI from code, and then add the gateway deployment metadata later.

[Check out the documentation](https://docs.kusk.io/guides/overlays) for examples of how to use OpenAPI Overlays with Kusk.

## Simplified frontend deployment

We have simplified how you deploy frontend web applications with Kusk and improved the developer experience. It’s now extremely simple to deploy a web application written in any language and framework to Kubernetes with Kusk Gateway.

Check out [our example](https://github.com/kubeshop/kusk-examples) on deploying a front-end web application on Kubernetes using Kusk Gateway.

## Scalable authorization with Cloudentity

Earlier this month we [announced our partnership with Cloudentity](https://kusk.io/blog/kusk-and-cloudentity), an authorization management platform, which will allow Kusk users to have an authorization platform that scales at the same pace as their APIs, while using all the benefits of Kusk Gateway and OpenAPI. 

[Check out our guides](https://docs.kusk.io/guides/authentication/cloudentity) on how to use Cloudentity with Kusk Gateway and start your API authorization journey now!

## … and more!

We keep adding little but important features for Kusk users, this release includes: 

- Support for `apt` and `choco` installation methods of Kusk CLI for Debian and Windows users

- Added `kusk validate` command to validate and report errors on your OpenAPI definition before applying it

- Added support for OpenAPI External References for Kusk Gateway

## Try it out!

Try and download the new version of Kusk [here](docs.kusk.io/getting-started)! If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to join our [Discord server](https://discord.gg/uNuhy6GDyn) and get in touch. Kusk is fully open source, so you can always help us by starring the [project on github](https://github.com/kubeshop/kusk-gateway/), opening issues or a PR.

Thank you!

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