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Kusk v1.3: Updated CLI & dashboard experience

Oct 3, 2022
4 min
Abdallah Abedraba
Product Leader

We're excited to release Kusk v1.3 with many improvements to the CLI experience, and a totally new design of the dashboard. Read more to learn about the new features!

Kusk v1.3: Updated CLI & dashboard experience
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Table of Contents

Get started today

The Kusk team is proud to announce the v1.3 release of Kusk Gateway, which adds OAuth support, mocking of the API directly from the CLI and improved developer experience of the CLI!

## CLI improvements

- New `kusk deploy` that allows you to deploy your OpenAPI definition to Kusk directly without needing to pipe it to `kubectl`. It also adds a watched that looks for changes in your OpenAPI file and re-applies them to the LoadBalancer.

- New `kusk ip` command that returns the IP address of the default Kusk LoadBalancer so you can now pipe it to your favorite commands. `curl $(kusk ip)/api`

- `kusk install` and `kusk upgrade` have now moved to `kusk cluster install/upgrade`. We have also removed the dependency on `helm` and we install Kusk directly using `kubectl` under-the-hood, this has vastly improved the speed of installation and upgrade of Kusk Gateway!

- New `kusk cluster uninstall` command that uninstalls Kusk and all of its components from your Kubernetes clusters.

## Dashboard Overhaul

We have redesigned Kusk Dashboard to make it easier to use and more familiar with the entire Kusk ecosystem. There are new guides and recommendations added that will help you navigate easier.

## Improved Documentation

We’ve improved the experience and design of the documentation because we like amazing experiences everywhere 😎 Check out the new [docs.kusk.io](https://docs.kusk.io)

## Try it out!

Try and download the new version of Kusk [here](docs.kusk.io/getting-started)! If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to join our [Discord server](https://discord.gg/uNuhy6GDyn) and get in touch. Kusk is fully open source, so you can always help us by starring the [project on github](https://github.com/kubeshop/kusk-gateway/), opening issues or a PR.

Thank you!

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